Consultation Services for Providers Contemplating Leaving Insurance Panels:

I help mental health providers find the courage to leave their unhealthy relationships with their employer, the health insurance industry.

Why you haven’t left yet…

  1. Taking insurance is what everyone does; what you are supposed to do; it’s the status quo.

  2. You have a steady referral stream without having to learn how to market.

  3. You can provide access to care to a wider demographic of clients, including those who couldn’t normally afford care, out-of-pocket.

  4. You don’t know much about marketing or running a small business and even if you did, you aren’t sure you’d succeed.

    A.You’ve never been taught these skills.

    B.Your graduate program and colleagues both implicitly and explicitly discourage(d) you from marketing and running a small business. Marketing and running a business that makes money are seen as “bad” and running a charitable practice with “affordable” fees and pro bono work is seen as “good”.

    C.You don’t think that potential clients, who have already purchased a health insurance plan will be willing to pay extra to see you. When potential clients call, they tell you this and your colleagues echo it.

    D.Scarcity: You’d rather make something, little as it is, from the insurance companies, than nothing, which it seems you’d make if you struck out on your own into private pay land.

I don’t fault you for utilizing these rationale or trying to mitigate your fears but I do think it’s time to take a closer look at what’s really going on for you, rather than serving your fears and the status quo. As with any unhealthy or abusive relationship, if you don’t agree with the behaviors of your employer, the health insurance industry, and think they’re harmful to people, including yourself, and can see that they aren’t willing to change, it’s time to get out.

I can help you find the courage to leave.