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Protectors & Caretakers

You have always been the strong one, putting the needs of others ahead of your own. When the people in your life are sad, you are sad, and when they are happy, you are happy. You have seen another side of the world and think it’s pretty f’d up. So, you feel like you need to save people, and right the wrongs you see in the world. This practice of putting others ahead of you has left you feeling disconnected, from yourself, your life, and ironically, others.

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High Achievers

You overachieve and try to prove yourself so no one will realize how flawed you feel. In fact, you are surprised that no one has realized that you are actually an impostor. As a result, you don’t let many people get to know “the real you”, and to be honest, you might not even know who “the real you” is. You end up feeling disconnected and like you don’t fit in.

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I provide OCD treatment, PTSD treatment, and anxiety treatment in the St. Louis Park, Lake Minnetonka, and Mound, Minnesota areas.

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